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YouTube region restriction checker

YouTube region restriction checker is a free tool that enables you to check in which specific region a particular YouTube is available or unavailable. The Checker locates users using IP addresses and geolocation, then compares this data to YouTube's database of accessibility across various nations. If YouTube restrictions apply in the user's area, the Checker will let the user know about this.

How and why do you check the restrictions on YouTube?

“The uploader has not made this video available in your country”

The official YouTube response, "Video not accessible in my country," isn't much use when trying to figure out how to circumvent the limitations. However, in order to view that video, you would actually need to reside in one of those areas where it is not blocked by YouTube. The most common method for achieving this is to use a web proxy, which routes your connection through a middleman who is situated in one of the nations that are "authorised" for that video.

You must first be aware of the precise list of nations where that particular YouTube video is restricted in order to be effective at this. If the movie is restricted in America, using an American Web Proxy to get around regional limitations is useless. So, You would require a Canadian, British, or other proxy for that. But how do you even know if Canada hasn't also prohibited access to that video? What if it's blocked everywhere but a few Asian nations? And that is precisely why this website exists.

How to use the YouTube region restriction checker?

It is very easy to use YouTube region restriction checker. Just follow these basic stuffs:

  1. Make sure you are at YouTube region restriction checker
  2. Go to YouTube and copy the link of the video you want to check the restrictions of.
  3. Then, Paste the link in the dialogue box
  4. Click on “check”
  5. That’s all, our YouTube video restriction checker will show you the list of the countries in which the video is available and in which the video is restricted in two separate lists.

Is unity tools YouTube region restriction checker Free?

Yes, the unity tools’ YouTube video region checker is totally free and always will be.

How do I unblock region restrictions on YouTube?

Due to licensing restrictions or censorship, certain YouTube videos are only accessible in some locations. Similar to how many schools and workplaces have restricted YouTube, this is done to stop pupils and staff from becoming lax. Not fair!

Fortunately, assistance is available. This tutorial contains a lot of advice on how to unblock YouTube and access the video content you desire. We have you covered whether you decide to view YouTube through a VPN, a proxy, or another method. To learn everything there is to know about unblocking YouTube, continue reading.

Quick guide: How do I access YouTube videos that are blocked? unblock-youtube

  1. Select a VPN that works for you.
  2. Join a server in a nation where the video is not blocked.
  3. Grab some popcorn and visit YouTube.

How to easily unblock YouTube videos in your country

Using a VPN is the most efficient and dependable approach to accessing YouTube videos that are blocked. By altering your local IP address, a virtual private network can deceive YouTube. They will believe you are viewing the video from abroad as a result of this. As a result, in addition to having a secure network, you will also have access to the content you want.

  1. Get a trustworthy VPN. We suggest NordVPN, a market pioneer in VPN services.
  2. Download and set up the application.
  3. Connect to the appropriate regional server. The IP address of your machine is concealed by a VPN. You can browse restricted or blocked content on your computer by doing this by having your internet traffic routed through a different area. So, You won't be able to access the YouTube video, though, if your VPN is sending your data through a region that can't access it. Fortunately, the majority of VPNs let you select the region via which you want your traffic to be forwarded. Then Check out our helpful tutorial on how to change your VPN's location to learn how to do this.
  4. Verify that your VPN is being used to route all of your traffic. Then make sure your VPN is turned on for your current internet connection by opening the app and turning it on.
  5. Find the video you wish to unblock on YouTube by going there. The restricted video you want to watch can be found by searching on the YouTube website or the YouTube app. You should have no trouble finding the film or channel you're looking for as long as it isn't blocked in the region where your VPN is located. Try updating your country information and reloading the page again if you can't, for whatever reason, locate the information you're looking for.
  6. To watch a video, click on it. In addition, The video ought to begin playing if it is permitted in the area where your VPN is active. If not, you might need to verify the regional settings on your VPN.

How do I know my YouTube region?

YouTube will recommend videos to you depending on both your preferences and where you are. To receive tailored suggestions for other nations, you can quickly change your preferred location on YouTube. Continue reading to find out how to change your YouTube location.

How to change YouTube Location on a computer?

Click on the symbol for your profile on the YouTube website. Select Location from the drop-down menu, then select your new location by clicking on the arrow.

How can I update my location on an iOS or Android device?

Open the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device, then tap the icon for your account. Select Settings next. Click General and then Location from there. Now you can choose the nation of your choice.

What countries are YouTube blocked in?

Currently, there are few countries where YouTube is currently blocked.

  1. China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau)
  2. Eritrea
  3. Iran
  4. North Korea
  5. Turkmenistan