YouTube Money Calculator

YouTube Money Calculator

YouTube is the most streamed video platform in the world. Over 1.5 billion user stream videos on YouTube every month. There are millions of content creators on the platform. With so many people using YouTube as their source of income, we have developed a tool to help creators calculate money generated by YouTube.

How does the Unity-Tools revenue calculator work?

The unity-Tools YouTube revenue calculator has been developed to easily allow users to calculate their average estimated revenue from a YouTube Channel or a video.  So, It makes a precise estimate of your YouTube earnings. To do so, Our YouTube money calculator uses the average daily views on your videos and local CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) to make a precise estimate of your earnings.

How to use Unity-Tools YouTube Money calculator?

Just enter your Daily views and estimated CPM in the fields given below and you will get a fair idea of your earning potential via YouTube.

The value of CPM may fluctuate due to many reasons including source country, price of specific ads, video niche, click rate and quality of traffic.