Google Index Checker

Google index checker

The google index checker by Unity Tools, is a very useful tool for a number of webmasters and web owners, as a quick indexing check would enable the user to quickly find how many of their web pages have been indexed by Google.

What does google index mean?

Google Index is a process that allows you to include your website in search results. Meta tags assist Google in crawling and understanding the web page. Following crawling and indexing, Google begins to display your webpage in search results for quarries that are related to your post.

Google uses 'crawlers' to scan the web; they analyse web pages and then rank them in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) based on their relevance to the user. While indexing the web, Google creates a collection of web pages.

Consider it like going wine tasting, here you would want to taste as much wine as possible. But since you spit out the wine after taking a taste, you don't get intoxicated. You try to keep in mind every single flavour so that if someone asks you about a specific wine flavour in the future and you have tasted it, you can describe its taste, flavour, aroma and so on.

Does this sound familiar? Yes, it is!

If Google fails to properly crawl and index your site, the chances are you're missing out on all relevant organic traffic and, more crucially, potential clients.

How to check the google index of your Web Page via Unity Tools Index checker?

An SEO or Webmaster specialist must constantly monitor whether or not his sites are being properly indexed. Google indexation will bring organic traffic, and Nobody will want to miss out on that, after all.

Just follow these basic instructions to use unity Tools Google Index checker:

  1. Make sure you are at:, if you are reading it chances are you are already there
  2. Copy the URL of the website that you want to see in Indexed or not
  3. Paste that copied link in Unity Tool’s Index checker’s dialogue box
  4. Click on “CHECK”.
  5. That’s it our Tool will tell you if your website is Indexed or not

You can also use unity Tool’s Google Cache checker to see exactly at what date and the time your website was cached by google

Check the worth of a backlink

It is essential to find out whether the Web page is indexed before deciding whether a backlink is worth anything. The likelihood is that Google is unaware of this link if Google has not indexed the page. Therefore, use our Google Index Checker to see if the referring pages are indexed before attempting to acquire new links.

What factors prevent a domain from being indexed?

If none of a domain's pages is indexed, the domain is not indexed. There are several explanations for why a domain is not included in Google's index:

  • Since the domain is brand-new, Google has not yet found it.
  • The website may have previously been indexed by Google but was later de-indexed by the search engine. In both scenarios, this indicates that Google believes the website to be spammy or to have broken Google Webmaster Guidelines, such as by employing black hat SEO techniques or purchasing links. A website is eliminated from search results when it is deindexed.

How does a link's SEO value depend on its index status?

  • A link from this page that is set to "follow" has some SEO value if the page is indexed. Read our guide to discover all the factors that affect a link's value.
  • If the domain is indexed but not the page, a backlink from this page might or might not be of some SEO value. It might just be a matter of time; Google might choose to index this page later. Additionally, even if it has chosen not to index a page, Google is thought to follow links and pass some value. Links from non-indexed pages can therefore still be valuable, but generally speaking, a link from an indexed page is preferable.
  • A backlink from this website won't be very valuable if the domain is not indexed yet because it is a newly launched website. If the domain has been deindexed, the website is toxic and any links from its pages may be detrimental.

How do I submit the URL of my website to Google?

  • It takes only a few minutes to submit a URL to Google. Go to Google's website for website URL submission and enter your URL there. Google wants to make sure you are truly a human being and not a computer program. So, after Google authenticates, enter the message and select "Add URL."
  • The next way to submit the URL of your website to Google is by using their Webmaster Tools.
  • According to Google, you can use the info: operator to determine whether a website URL is indexed. Google will show the following when you enter info: URL in the navigation bar:
  • Display Google's cache of “YOUR WEBSITE”.
  • Find web pages similar to “YOUR WEBSITE”
  • Search pages from the site “YOUR WEBSITE”
  • Find web pages that encompass the term "YOUR WEBSITE."

Why Is Correct Indexing of Your Page Important?

Although you may have a general understanding of the reasons for indexing, you will find that they are intertwined in the case of Google. Nevertheless, you must make sure to do things differently to obtain a result that is significantly different from conventional wisdom. When Google needs to index your page or any other page, they use something known as "crawlers," which have the job of analyzing the different web pages they come across and assigning them the proper ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) using relevance as another factor. A class of repository of your website's google indexed pages is created when Google crawlers browse a website.

Therefore, you run a greater risk of experiencing the following issues if Google crawlers do not index your website properly.

Being Left Out Of All Search Results:

There is a good chance that your website won't appear among the many websites that can be located online, which will be bad for your online work. The implication is that you won't appear in any form of search result, meaning that neither relevant results nor organic traffic will be sent your way.

Losing the Opportunity to Get New Potential Clients:

You will also miss the opportunity to meet potential clients. A lot of people won't even accidentally stumble onto your website because it will have to deal with the challenge of being off the radar. These individuals will consequently be pointed in the direction of your rivals.

You'll Keep Losing to Your Competitors:

If your website is not indexed, you will not be ranked higher, and you are thus giving your competitor an advantage over you because, in doing so, they have undertaken the necessary steps to maintain their position at the top and have thus far been successful in doing so before you.

Your Hard work Will Be of No Use:

If Google doesn't index your website, you are essentially wasting your time because you will receive little to no traffic, which will have a significant impact on the actions you do. Because you are not gaining the appropriate perspective, you may feel frustrated and may get lazy about the things you do.

A Way To Study What Others Are Doing:

If you are aware of your standing, you may also utilize that method to research the websites of your rivals.